Winter 2018/19
Self-organisation and Public Space

The focus will be site specific strategies in terms of intervention into and disruption of the social use of public space. We will talk about the self-organisation of space and language in relation to: setting up autonomous spaces for meeting and exchange (Education); setting up autonomous channels of the audio-visual communication (Television), and setting up autonomous channels of oral and sonorous communication (Radio). The gallery will be used as a space to develop and experiment with diverse related strategies of self-organisation.

As a point of departure I will present my own experiments in education (Copenhagen Free University), television (tv-tv) and radio (Hospital Prison University Radio)

I will bring a library of printed matter on self-organisation of space (the Situationists, Motherfuckers, Provos, Free University Movement, etc.), activist television (Video Freaks, TV-TV, Guerrilla Television, etc.) and radio politics (Radio Free Algiers/Frantz Fanon, Radio Alice, Radio Ligna, etc.)

The course will be practical and experimental trying out some strategies either as a temporary net radio, or youtube channel, or setting up a space/place for education and propaganda.

more info at Base Angewandte

Credit: Live broadcast from Hospital Prison University Radio 2018