2021 June 22 / 14:00
Student Projects/Diplomas
Myriad Tentacles Will be Needed (Again and Again)

What used to be the largest warehouse complex in then Yugoslavia, grew in the early ̓90s into a “living, dynamic commercial organism”, a shopping centre called City. Simultaneously, a large part of the Slovenian Natural History Museum’s collection (its insects, its vertebrates, its herbaria) began to inhabit the area. With no better space available, the museum’s depot has remained situated somewhere in the midst of those more than 400 shops until today – yet its location (or even existence) is unknown to many.

Following the phantom of this multitude, Myriad Tentacles Will be Needed (Again and Again) explores the collection’s undead character and attempts to claim space for that which is hidden in hibernation – partly on view in the video installation, partly merged with its surroundings as an uncategorized collection within the university library.


Image: Ana Likar