2017 January 25 / 21:00
Echoed in the Wells of Silence, Fluc

How does the night sound in Prater? Does Praterstern trigger urban legends? Who is heard if you would stay approximately three hours at the same place? What is medially boosted? How do the marginalized interact? Who is an archive at Praterstern? How do you not get into a provocation at no point in time? Are the thieves actually the ones who we don't take them for? Two, one, zero - The alarm is red... It is 4:45 am, now position is rehearsed.*

Conceptualized and organised by Johanna Tinzl, Department of Site-Specific Art – Head Paul Petritsch (Six/Petritsch), University of Applied Arts Vienna

Jana Alaraj/Enrico Tomassini, Lisa Becker, Nora Drumeva, Lara Erel, Cansu Ergün, Milena Georgieva/Irene Reichart, Rafaella Isnit/Susanne Schwarz, Lena Kohlmayr, Roland Plachy and Tsai-Ju Wu put up their projects for discussion, which they have developed at Praterstern, at Wurstelprater and at Prater-Park. Starting materials are field recordings, interviews and soundscapes. In doing so the projects examine site-specific sounds/narratives and their affective impacts to one's own body. They negotiate social issues and critically question the handling of gentrification and security policies, historical narratives, prevailing resentments and the change in meaning of heterotopias.

Heady Wine


In der Kubatur des Kabinetts, der Kunstsalon im Fluc