2015 June 16
Student Projects/Diplomas

Reversed bioluminescence - Dimension of vibrance light

Biolumonescence (Greek. Bios for life and lat. Lumens for light) is the ability of living organisms to produce visible light alone or with the help of symbiontic organisms by converting biochemical energy into light. The best known cases of biolumonescence are probably fireflies (Lympyris noctiluca), various fungi such as Armillaria and diverse marine organisms in deep sea.

In my work an attempt of reversal of the naturally occurring bioluminescence was made. The biological process is artistically interpreted by light installations, in which biolumonescence reappears and further evloves into a techno-biological process, of which light itself has no biological function, such as defense against predators, attraction of reproductive partners, and so on. The created light illuminates my interest as I have been pondering the ambiguous characteristics of light between materiality and immateriality.

Photo: Wenhui Wang