2015 June 17
Student Projects/Diplomas

In March 2014 I travelled to Theresiental. This valley is situated in the Karpaten, an area with mountains and forests in the southwest of the Ukraine. Two villages in the valley were set up 250 years ago by people from Upper Austria who moved there to help pushing the logging industry in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

There focusing on the still remaining Upper-Austrian dialect and traditions I got distracted by a tractor model that is very common in this area, the T16.
This was the starting point of T.E.
There, in a pig barn, T. covered with pig manure and engine oil was found by E..
Fond of its bold appearance E. could not longer think about anything else. E. and T. started an adventure through the country and into the distance.
T.E. cruised around without destination. They followed their impulses and needs.
The return to Austria took about 1242 km, 12 weeks, and 17 mechanics, and with everything running smoothly, they travelled 20 km/h.

R.I.N. 04240AO/L 0516715 7
YEAR 1983/1988
ENGINE NO. 1460326 / 322407081988
V.I.N. 306767 / 44
Series AC N° 001521

At a certain moment the cosmos of T.E. moved steadily to a point where E. had time to reflect their movement and motion. With the conclusion that T. carried E. all the way through their common environment. So the cosmos of T.E. was filled with aspects that T. had to offer.

But where are E.´s aspects?
Where is E.´s part in the common environment?

the invitation to show T. the every day life of E.
E. carries T.
first floor
dismantled and assembled

the cosmos is like a snowball
it turns bigger and bigger when in motion
too fast, it might crash on something hard
but with every move it records its surrounding
and leaves a trace


more info as .pdf
photo: Elisabeth Falkinger