Winter 2019/20
Bewerbung Application

General Information

The degree course Site-Specific Art (formerly: Landschaftskunst) has been newly positioned within the Institute of Fine and Media Arts. Since October 2014 the department is being headed by Paul Petritsch (Six & Petritsch). The degree course runs for eight semesters and includes the central artistic course as well as electives in crafts, theory, and a variety of media-related practices.

The next entrance examination for this year will take place in February. The application process is as follows: After the submission of portfolios a preliminary selection is made on the basis of each candidate's portfolio. Those selected will then be notified to attend a three-day entrance examination conducted at the department. The examination committee will post a list of the results at the University. All portfolios must be submitted personally by the applicant at the department in order to be taken into consideration.

Information and consultation for applicants

Open House Day provides an excellent opportunity to gain insight into our department and obtain information about the study program. Both current students and the teaching staff will be happy to answer all your questions. We also recommend that prospective students arrange individual consultations before, at which they have an opportunity to present and discuss work samples. 

If you are interested in arranging a consultation (and can’t come to the aforementioned portfolio feedback talks), we encourage you to schedule an appointment in time.

Conditions for Admission
For full enrollment, students must
a) be at least 17 years of age
b) successfully complete the entrance examination

• informal application letter (with photo) outlining interests and motivations for applying
• work samples and concepts, realized in media such as graphics, photography, painting, video, sound and text, which demonstrate the applicant's individual interests

Next Entrance Examination: Feb. 24th - Feb. 28th, 2020