2015 January 08 / 10:00
Christian Mayer

Christian Mayer invites visitors to share his focus on a palm tree located at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. At 170 years, this tree is one of the oldest living things in Los Angeles that can be evidenced with photographs. During its lifespan, the city has transformed from a small pueblo to megalopolis, and the tree itself has been relocated several times: from a quiet desert oasis to San Pedro Street in the 1850s, to the front of the historic train station in the 1880s where it symbolized California to the newly arrived, and finally to its current bucolic park setting, its service commemorated with a plaque. Mayer's project reflects on the dichotomy of this tree as a simple palm (like thousands of others in L.A.) and a very special bearer of history and sentiment.

Christian Mayer is a Vienna based artist whose exhibitions and projects engage questions of memory, preservation and rediscovery. He is concerned with testing the methods with which these issues can be tackled in an aesthetically surprising way: techniques of reversal, of compressing and stretching time, of looking at things from both ends at once. Christian Mayer sets up situations in which beauty is found in the way one thing leads to another. His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions internationally, amongst others at mumok, Belvedere, Zamek Poznan, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Galerie Nagel Draxler, Galerie Mezzanin, etc. Mayer is also co-editor of a magazine that appears under different names each time, depending on the font it uses (www.ztscrpt.net).